My Fabric Snoods are sewn out of couture, embellished fabrics purchased from Beverly Hills, or imported from the finest sources around the world.  All are Limited Editions with a maximum of 3 ~ most are One-of-a- Kind. All edges are either self French- Seamed or bound off in velvet. While intended for Photographs, Shows, or Special Occasions; we’ve torture tested these snoods here for everyday use and they’ve held up admirably.  Hand Wash ONLY.  Dry Flat.  

One-of-a-Kind & Limited Edition Designer Snoods

                                                      From Whimiscal to Elegant; each hand knit snood is a unique creation from my imagination.  As I design all of the patterns, these particular snoods are NOT available anywhere else. I use top quality Designer Yarns for each of my creations.  These specialty yarns are only produced for a short time. All Knit snoods are HAND Knit and proudly made by me in the USA.  Hand Wash ONLY.  Dry Flat on a towel.
As with our Knit Snoods, Specialty Yarns are chosen for our Crochet Snoods.  I also design all of these patterns and many of the Crochet Snoods have a Historical Theme. Each Crochet Snood is a One-of-a- Kind creation.  The majority of the Crochet Snoods for sale are pattern prototypes. Hand Wash ONLY.  Dry Flat on a towel.
Crochet Snoods Knit Snoods  Kelly Lynn Smith All Rights Reservederved
No Warranty is Implied and No Liability is Assumed. ALL Snoods should be worn with Full Time Adult Supervision. ALL Sales Final--No Refunds
Fabric Snoods